Sunday, 14 January 2018

Confidence Means Confidence

Positive Thinking
Here is fake John D. Rockefeller, fake check of $500,000 but it with renewed optimism re-instated a broken businessman.
We have real support of Almighty for us which only needs/waits our attention.
Determination: Brooklyn Bridge; for 13 years a total disable engineer Washington Roebling was tapping instructions on his wife’s arm. Half of world considered him mad but love and devotion of his wife of decoding the message to other engineers.
Success or Failure, Your Choice
For those people/persons who faced failure, or they are struggling, or they just keep in mind that this is only happening with them and it is the part of their luck. This is totally wrong, GOD makes us superior all over other creations and person write his luck with his own hands. No one can change our luck but we can just do that with our believes, patience and struggle. Change your thinking and change your destiny.
An Army General used coin flied in air to motivate his little army confronting a comparatively large and strong army. He said, let's pray; if the face is up then luck is with us to be victor. They believed and became victor. When his captain was taking to him after victory that luck is unchangeable. The general took out coins from his pocket, having face on both sides. To a large extent human is in-charge of destiny, luck, qismat.
$90 Million a Year - You Won't Believe What Joel Osteen Does After Preaching - (Watch from 3:30 of the Video)
40,000 people come to Lakewood every Sunday; 4:30 $90 Million a year donation.
How to Build Confidence in Yourself
Practice helps to build confidence; increase your knowledge. Truth builds confidence. Self discovery. Trust in Almighty. Practice helps to build, Practice helps to build, Practice helps to build. Trust in yourself. Train your brain. Make acting your mind. Tony Robin; Acts before providing training. Use imagination.
Allama Iqbal;
Woh Sehar Jis Se Larazta Hai Shabistan-e-Wujood; Hoti Hai Banda-e-Momin Ki Azan Se Paida
The dark abode of being is shook by morn, Which by Muslimʹs call to prayer is born.

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